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Vassilis Philippou (b.1991) studied piano and composition at Royal Holloway University of London and continued with two master degrees, in Trinity Laban Conservatoire and Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague, where he completed two research studies on the relationship of sound & space and on the music of the Eastern Mediterranean as an influence to classical composition. His compositions express his artistic vision in a way that is shaped by his interaction with people and the environment.


Vassilis’s music has been performed in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, USA, Greece and Cyprus, broadcasted by BBC Radio 3 (UK), ORF radio (AT) and RIK Radio (CY) and also presented in Aldeburgh and Cheltenham music festivals (UK), Holland and Gaudeamus music festivals (NL) and Mediterranean bodies (GR) amongst others. 


He is now living in Cyprus where he teaches music and collaborates with artists in the fields of theatre, film and dance. In January 2021 he released his debut album ‘Sol Aurorae’ with nine of his compositions that are influenced by the music traditions of the eastern Mediterranean. In July 2022 his second album 'Colourful Emptiness' was released, with compositions for piano, guitar and violin. 


“ For as long as I wander, and wherever I may go,

I always carry a love for this place in my heart; within the words and the sounds that express and depict it, that give meaning to my being,

as a person and as an artist."


Art as a path

I would like to share some thoughts I've read and found inspirational throughout my journey and also some personal ones about art and music in particular. 

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