Album release date 

January 31 - 2021

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Vassilis Philippou 

Michalis Kouloumis 

Giannis Koutis 

Meir Gassenbauer 

Michalis Messios 


Efrén López 

Zacharias Spyridakis 

Marianna Philippou



-          voice, frame dr., tombak, req

-          violin, viola

-          oud, guitars

-          ney

-          double bass 

-          kopuz

-          lyras

-          narration



Album tracks: 

  1. Aura I

  2. Sol Aurorae

  3. Dark-skinned beauty

  4. Olive tree

  5. A few words about you

  6. The letter

  7. Across the river

  8. Yearning

  9. Aura II…Amphilyke

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score | lyrics

score | lyrics


score | lyrics

score | lyrics

score | lyrics

score | lyrics


The first album of Vassilis Philippou, entitled ‘Sol Aurorae’ (dawn sun), consists of nine compositions, of which six are based on poems written by him; five in the Cypriot dialect and one in Greek. 

For the composer, the dawn sun is a continuous reminder of vitality and of inquiry; it is contact and communication with our fundamental emotions. This album emerged from a deep need to record and to share a part of his music-making, that is rooted in the culture of Cyprus – in the sounds of which she is composed and the words that portray her. It consists of compositions influenced by the musical traditions of the eastern Mediterranean, in which he has immersed himself both as a musician and as a devoted listener. The Cypriot dialect is central to these pieces, giving both meaning to the sound and shape to its expression. 


The music of the album could be described with the term ‘Contemporary Modal Music’, which refers to the relationship and the direct connection of ancient ‘modes’; musical scales and rhythms, with a geographical interest in greater Middle East. The shaping of these musical traditions is the result of bonding and interaction between people from various cultures who met, communicated and lived together artistically.  

Aesthetically, apart from the use of language, the music creation of the album has been accomplished in an idiomatic approach on composition and performance; in its structural material (scales, rhythms, forms) and its expression distinctiveness (melodic phraseology, improvisation).    

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