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Sol Aurorae ensemble
The ensemble presents Vassilis's compositions from his first album 'Sol Aurorae' and also new works, with improvisation 
playing an important role in the concerts. 
Vassilis Philippou - voice, percussion
Michalis Kouloumis - violin, viola
Giannis Koutis - oud, guitar
Meir Gassenbauer - ney
Nicolas Tryphonos - double bass
Here is a playlist of live video-recordings. 
Larva draws inspiration from Cypriot folk melodies and rhythms merged with western musical elements. A new approach on revisiting tradition and writing original compositions using influences from world and jazz music.
It transforms ideas that emanate from the past into contemporary sounds, in a completely new format; like the metamorphosis of larva in nature.
Vassilis Philippou - compositions, voice, ney,                                          percussion, piano
Alexis Kasinos - compositions, arrangements,                                  guitar
Here is a playlist of live video-recordings. 
Solo artist
Vassilis performed solo, mainly as a pianist
and recently he began exploring the possibilities of looping. In his solo concerts
he combines the voice, ney and percussion (tombak, frame drums). 
Here is a playlist of solo recordings.
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