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© Emma Louise Charalambous


July 2023

  • 9th, New album release 'Origins' by Odysseas Toumazou

       in which I sing and play percussion


July 2022

  • 8th, New album release 'Colourful Emptiness'


July 2021

  • 1st, 4th, 6th ~ Album concert presentations

January 2021

  • 31st ~ Album release

July 2020

  • 16th ~ Rialto World Music Festival with Odysseas Toumazou Trio

  • 24th ~ Rialto World Music Festival with Larva

February 2020

  • 14th ~ My solo piano piece 'In Love' is recorded and will be part of a short documentary in 'Otherly', a partnership of NFB (Canada) and POV (USA). 

December 2019

  • 7th ~ Concert with guitarist Odysseas Toumazou at prozak presenting original compositions. 

  • 18th ~ Premier of my saxophone quartet 'Kalanda' by the Cyprus Saxophone Quartet at the European University of Cyprus. 

November 2019

  • 21st ~ Concert of the music duo 'Larva' with guest Giannis Koutis on oud at evdomada louvana event. 

  • 29th ~ Concert of the music duo 'Larva' with guest Giannis Koutis on oud at the 6th Cyprus jazz & world music showcase. 

  • 29th ~ My orchestral piece 'The plane of return' is performed by the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra at Pallas theater, Nicosia. 

  • 30th ~ Concert with the Sol Aurorae Ensemble presenting my album music at the 6th Cyprus jazz & world music showcase. 

September 2019

  • 6th & 13th ~ Music theater 'Τα εκατολ-λόγια - The one hundred words' with the Pyrinas artist collective. 

  • 27th ~ Solo concert at The point arts center, Nicosia. (voice, percussion, ney)

August 2019

  • 3rd ~ Concert of the music duo 'Larva' with guitarist Alexis Kasinos and guest violinist Michalis Kouloumis at Feggaros Festival.

  • 10th ~ Concert of the music duo 'Larva' with guitarist Alexis Kasinos and guest saxophonist Federico Pascucci at Windcraft music festival. 

June 2019

  • 29th ~ Concert with Efrén López and Michalis Kouloumis at Ayioi Omologites, Nicosia where I sang and played percussion. 

May 2019

  • 4th ~ Concert with Ross Daly and Markos Skoullios at Spilia, Cyprus where I played tombak. 

April 2019

  • 18th ~ Participated as a percussionist at Synergies festival of experimental music in the medieval building of Kastelliotissa, Nicosia. 

March 2019

  • 7th-8th ~ Studio recording of my debut album 'Sol Aurorae' including nine compositions influenced by the music traditions of the eastern Mediterranean. 

  • 19th ~ A selection of my compositions are presented at the public radio of Austria (ORF). 

February 2019

  • 14th ~ Collaboration with choreographer Petra Serhal, on her project 'Adagio'. 

January 2019

  • 24th-25th ~ Music theater 'Κυπριακά Ερωτικά - Love poems of Cyprus' with the Pyrinas artist collective. 

December 2018

  • 16th ~ Duo concert with guitarist Odysseas Toumazou at kafenio o Platanos. 

  • 21st ~ Concert of the music duo 'Larva' with guitarist Alexis Kasinos at Antonakis music hall, Nicosia. 

October 2018

  • 19th ~ 'The invisible line', a collaboration with artist Thekla Georgiou Papadopoulou is presented at the exhibition 'The Sea Within' at the Limassol Municipal Arts Centre.

September 2018

  • 3rd ~ Premier of 'Ανέμων γη - Land of winds' for solo flute by Gavin Stewart at Royal Holloway University of London. 

August 2018

  • 14th-18th ~ Artist residency at Xarkis festival: ’Eco-Logos’ – experience & understanding of our environmental soundscape 

July 2018

  • 6th-14th ~ concerts with Sol Aurorae ensemble in Cyprus. 

  • 28th ~ Duo concert with violinist Michalis Kouloumis in Trachipedoulas,Paphos. 

May 2018

  • 14th ~ 'Kambanes' for solo piano, is premiered by Ermis Theodorakis at the Medieval building of Kastelliotissa (CY). 


October 2017

  • 13th ~ Sphere spirals, a commission from Lingua Franca ensemble to be performed at Pharos music festival in Cyprus. 

September 2017

  • 10th ~ I performed Pédales étude at the Gaudeamus music festival.

  • 12th ~ My research paper entitled 'Ottoman music as a source of inspiration for today’s composers‘ is now published online.

June 2017

  • 10th ~ Yearning for ney, percussion and voice at the Haagse Bos in Den Haag.

  • 16th ~ Earth for bass clarinet and percussion at Amsterdam Conservatoire. 

May 2017

  • 8th ~ Silent wave for 6 voices to be performed in Nutshuis-Den Haag at 20:00, by the Vocal federation 6 group.

April 2017

  • 1st ~ Butterfly effect for members of the Ives ensemble along with two percussionists and two organs in Orgelpark - Amsterdam.                                  ~ A few words about you, performed by the Mediterraneo ensemble in De Doelen-Rotterdam.

  • 5th ~ Hypnosis performed by the 'But what about' ensemble at Korzo - Den haag.           ~ Olive tree, performed by Sol Aurorae ensemble at Korzo - Den Haag.

March 2017

  • 6th ~ A new version of Cosmographia for piano and bass clarinet will be played at Nutshuis- Den haag. 

  • 16th, 18th & 20th ~ Κυματογραφή-Wavescript will be presented again in Athens.

   Click here for the events information: 16th - 18th - 20th 

February 2017

  • 12th-17th ~ Participation at the 23rd International young composers meeting where a new piece written for Orkest de ereprijs will be performed.(info)  

November 2016

  • 16th ~ Premier of 'Two similar pebbles on a distant shore', written for DissonArt ensemble as part of the 5th Festival of contemporary music in Cyprus.

October 2016


  • 4th ~ Performance of a new piece commissioned by the Basque Country based,

   Trio Zukan. 

  • 10th ~ Performance of Gravity II for piano, marimba & electronics at Nutshuis, in Den Haag. 

September 2016

  • 22st ~ My solo piano piece 'Keep falling' will be presented as part of the audio-DH project organised by Fransisco López in Den Haag.

August 2016

  • 22-27 ~ Participation at the Modal Composition workshop in Crete by Ross Daly.

July 2016

  • 19-24 ~ Residency at the Cyprus Rialto world music festival in Platres.

  • 25-31 ~ Residency at Corpus Isola art exhibitions in Kalymnos(GR). 

June 2016


  • 16th ~ Performance of my piece for 19 brass instruments 'Gravity III' in Amsterdam as part of the Holland Festival 2016

April 2016


  • 19th ~ Cosmographia a solo piano piece I composed back in 2013 will be performed in Cyprus by Vicky Stylianou. For information see here.

  • 13th ~ Sol Aurorae was performed by Mediterraneo ensemble at Grounds - Rotterdam. The piece will be recorded in the studio soon. 

  • 8th ~ My new piece for chamber ensemble 'Regular division of the plane' and also 'Pédales étude' for solo piano will be performed in Den Haag during Spring festival.


December 2015


  • I've been selected as one of the artists working on 'Mediterranean bodies' project that will take place in Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon & France in 2016.

  • As part of 'Spring festival' of The royal conservatoire of The Hague I am composing a piece for Ensemble Royaal to be performed in April. 


November 2015


  • Collaboration with painter Maria Smits on the project 'Sonate 11000+' that will be showcased in summer-2016 in Netherlands.


October 2015


  • Beginning of a research project on the function of Ottoman melodic structure and its influence of today's compositional practice. Supervisors: M.Cholevas & Y.Kyriakides


September 2015


  • 14th ~ I am moving to Netherlands for a postgraduate study at Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag under the mentoring of Yannis Kyriakides and Calliope Tsoupaki. 

  • 9th ~ Performance of Equilibrium, a new composition for a 16-instrument ensemble and live electronics as part of my final masters exam. Blackheath Halls at 12:00. 


August 2015


  • 20th ~ Research on Sound in spaces - Sound through spaces and composition of environmental soundscape pieces. Release of website. 


July 2015


  • 23th ~ Performed at Royal Albert Hall as part of the 'Late Prom Series' and written two new pieces for the Modal Point ensemble.  

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